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to make a change.
The agile way.

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This is me

I am a strong communicator and coordinator – my most important strength is seeing the people behind the numbers.

Yes, my job is to increase productivity and efficiency, but that’s not possible without caring for and taking every individual in the team seriously.

What I’m passionate about is creating change: by developing innovative products, and also by creating an environment where teams and individuals can do their best work.

With my background as a technical project manager, I have a deep understanding of various technologies and am used to working closely with software developers.

I like thinking out of the box and solving problems with agile tools and common sense, without dogmatism.

Foto Ricarda Köckler auf Wiese

Agile Coach with head and heart.

Besides my Scrum Master experience in both small and large teams, I’m also well-versed in supporting a company’s agile transition. This includes coordinating with C-Level, developing Agile Strategy Maps with management, continuously advising on how to improve collaboration and transparency company-wide, and by observing, consulting and coaching teams and individuals through all stages.

One thing I have always loved is sharing my knowledge and mindset with others and see them successfully use it: I have developed and facilitated Scrum & Agile Leadership trainings for colleagues, conducted Kanban trainings, coached and mentored new Product Owners and Scrum Masters.

Humor Workshops
with Katja Berlin.
How can we use humour in internal and external communication. For more information contact us. 
It's a workshop focused on cultivating a sense of humor or using humor as a tool for communication, creativity, or team-building..
Certified ...
...Advanced Team Coach (agile42)
...Advanced Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance)
...Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance)
...Associate Project Manager (PMI)

What I Do

Agile Trainings

  • Scrum Basics
  • Agile Leadership
  • Kanban
  • Product Owner Workshops
  • Design Thinking
  • Agile Team Training

Agile Transition

  • Assessment
  • Setup of Pilot
  • Team Canvas
  • Agile Strategy Map
  • Agile Consultant for Digital Transition/Change Process
  • Rollout

Agile Coach

  • Team Coaching

  • Consulting for Management

  • Moderation of Agile Meetings

  • Design Thinking

  • Consulting & Mentoring for working agile across teams


  • Workshop Design
  • Hackathon, Focus Week planning, execution and documentation
  • Creative Miro Expert
  • Design Sprints
  • Fun and meaningful exercises

Scrum Master

  • Introduce Scrum
  • Setup Team and Scrum Organisation
  • Moderation of Scrum Meetings
  • Agile Mindset
  • Remove Impediments
  • Performance Measurements (Velocity)

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